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Causes of Mesthelioma pain

Causes of Mesthelioma pain:

• The main cause of pain is due to the formation of malignant cells on the lining of the lung and abdomen.

• As the tumor presses against the nerves and other structures and organs around the area, it results in severe pain.

• It can arise due to effects of radiation and chemotherapy along with psychological stress.

Treating mesothelioma pain:

Mesothelioma pain can be acute and chronic. With the advancement in cancer research, various new techniques for controlling and treating are developing, which do not have side effects on mesothelioma patients.

• Some common treatments such as neurosurgery are performed by blocking or changing the nerve pathways through which pain transmits.

• Epidural or nerve blockage help mesothelioma patients manage pain.

• Counseling, meditation or body therapy reduce psychological trauma of suffering.

Mesthelioma treatment options:

With respect to traditional mesothelioma treatment options, locating the position of the cancer, the stage of the disease and age and general health of the patient is considered.

• Common treatments like radiation, chemotherapy as well as surgery are conducted on the patient.

• Radical treatment options and research has led to various available options. Based on the nature and severity of the disease, treatments such as gene therapy, immune augmentative therapy, photo dynamic therapy, interferon and interleukin therapy, radio frequency ablation, and angiogenesis therapies are used.

• At times, aggressive treatment is not possible due to age and health conditions. Under such circumstances, palliative treatment is recommended which treats the symptoms and not the disease.

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