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France is the largest country in area in the European Union. Four of France's major cities are Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. An interesting fact is the French public often refers to their country as "L'Hexagone" due to shape of its territory. With over 400 airports in France the possibilities to travel to France are endless; all major cities have airports including Paris, Marseille and Lyon and many of the smaller cities too.

With so many things to do and see, the best way to do everything at your own rest is to hire a car. In addition, highways system in France is very good. Most of the freeway links are toll roads. Several toll stations giving you access to a section; others have entrance and exit toll stations. Keep your entrance ticket properly or you will be charge for the longest distance. The best part is all toll stations accept major credit cards.

Over millions people choose to visit France every year which makes it the most visited country in the world. Cheap car hire and affordable hotel should be priority when booking your holiday. Hotelsenfrancais offered numbers of hotels available for road travelers and car rentals at the last minute across all of France including Paris Hotels, Marseilles Hotels, Toulouse Hotels and Bordeaux Hotels.

Whether you want to experience the amazing culture of France, see the arts or see some sport, there is everything to suit varying tastes.

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