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Discover the Reasons for Memory Loss

It is common for memory loss to start off with misplacing your car keys or an inability to recall simple things such as your grocery list. With some effort, memory loss is not inevitable and can be prevented by taking preventive measures. The key is in identifying the possible causes of memory loss. Some common causes of memory loss are old age and alcohol abuse.

It is more difficult to recall or learn something when you are feeling stressed, tired, anxious or angry – symptoms of overworking your mind. The human body has defense mechanisms built in to protect itself, and these emotions could be a possible cause of memory loss as your mind is handling more than enough already. In order to deal with this, make an effort to give your mind a break. You will find that you are able to remember more easily when your mind is alert and well-rested. This allows you to pay more attention to detail and commit more to memory.

Healthy stress will provide you with motivation, whilst unhealthy stress can make learning more difficult. Working under stress is a cause of memory loss as your mind has too many things to cope with, and may not be a symptom of dementia. For soon to be mothers experiencing stress, the child that is born may find it difficult to learn as it shrinks the part of the brain that is related to memory.

Amnesia occurs when one’s memory is affected, due to either organic or functional causes. Examples of organic causes include brain damage through physical trauma or diseases, whilst functional causes include psychological elements such as the body’s defense mechanisms. Traumatic amnesia occurs due to head injuries, with the period of memory loss related to the degree of injury. Another type of amnesia is psychogenic amnesia, which is an adaptive response that enables children to cope with trauma by repressing events, thus allowing them to maintain an attachment to someone that has abused them.

Dementia is a cause of memory loss due to old age. Depending on the extent of memory loss, it may be reversible if it has not reached an advanced stage. A few symptoms to look out for include changes in the character of the person suffering from it and delirium. Dementia can be detected and cured through regular blood tests which identify cues to doctors. This allows for the prescriptions of folic acid, calcium, vitamin B12 etc.

Your memory is worth more than money, which you cannot take to your grave. Above are some of the causes of memory loss, and by pursuing a healthy lifestyle you can circumvent memory loss. Take steps to ensure that your memories are preserved!

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