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Women's Safety Tips - Purse Size Matters in Personal Safety For Women

Hand bags are such a fashion statement and we, as women, always have plenty to fill even the largest of bags. But as we carry our fashion statements and line up for sales on the bag we fell in love with, we need to be conscious of the statement we are making to those more interested in snatching them than admiring them.

Why is a larger bag a better purse-snatching target? Obviously, there are thought to be more valuable items in a roomier bag.

After all, we can carry our:

Cell phone
Portable DVD player
Portable GPS
Small laptop
Credit Cards
and many other things a smaller bag will not allow

Benefits of Small Purses

You always know what you have because you have to clean it out often
No need replace expensive make up that went missing in a larger bag
No lost receipts
Too small to take many credit cards, lessening the loss and hassle if stolen
Too small to take checkbooks, which are oh, so easy for thieves to use immediately
Absence of shoulder and back/neck pain often accompanying a larger bag
Fewer chiropractic visits
Easy to set in lap at restaurant or hang onto in a club
Streamlines the look
Projects simplicity and low-maintenance to men
Ease of finding ringing cell phone in time to answer
Ease of finding car keys
and an excellent purse-snatcher repellent

If attacked by a purse snatcher, thief or mugger, the best thing to do is give up your material possessions. Nothing you own is worth risking your life for. However, if you are still paying on the $1,200 for the bag the creep wants, it may be challenging to give it up, which could cost you your life.

So keep in mind that when it comes to purses and personal safety, size does matter to thieves and women.

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