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General makeup tips

Someone send this beuty tips through my email. Good beauty tips.

General tips on makeup

  1. Pay for your manicure before you have it. That way, you won't smudge the nail polish while taking out the money from your wallet.

  2. Even if you want a non made look, mascara is a must because it defines your face and makes your eyes look brighter with just a single coat.

  3. Always keep your lipsticks and all make up pencils in the fridge, this prevents them from breaking.

  4. Apply foundation on lip before applying lipstick, this way lipstick stays for a longer time. Using a lip liner can also make the lipstick stay for long.

  5. Matte lipsticks stay for a longer period of time as compared to gloss lipsticks

  6. Rubbing ice over face before applying foundation makes make up stay for long.

  7. The ight time to tweeze eye brows is immediately after a bath when hair follicles are open. This makes plucking less painful and easy.
    Permanent makeup tip Rubbing ice over face before applying foundation makes make up stay for long

Old makeup to brand new makeup tips

  1. Brush a dark powder eye shadow onto eyelids and smooth a dab of vaseline on top; this will make itcream shadow instantly.

  2. Instead of investing in a new creamy blush, sweep powder blush on cheeks and top with a tiny drop liquid glycerine or a rash moisturiser to give you a soft sheen.

  3. To have a gloss look lipstick there is no need to junk your matte lipstick. vaseline or gloss works well on a matte lipstick to give you a glossy finish.

  4. To jazz up your nail colour, sprinkle a coloured powder blusher over your shade of enamel, as it dries to give a shimmer to your polish

Luscious lashes tip

Step 1:

Bush :Use an eyelash comb to seperate your lashes
Curl :Use an eyelash curler and press onto lashes for about 5 seconds
Dust: To make eyelashes appear longer, dust on loose powder onto lashes before you use the wand.

Step 2:

Choose mascara based on your eyelashes and the look you plan on achieving.

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