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How to apply lipstick and tips

How to apply lipstick

  1. First prime your lips with a good base of foundation and powder to remove all color from your lips.

  2. Outline your lips with a lip pencil-The same shade or just a shade darker than your lipstick. Define the center curve on the upper lip with two precise strokes.
  3. Continue the line of the upper lip, keeping your mouth closed and relaxed. Use short strokes, as they are easier than a continuous line on the lower lip. Work from the center to the corners.

  4. Work some lipstick into a brush and fill the outline of the lips. Work gradually towards the outline; don't cover it with a lipstick.

  5. Open your mouth wide and brush the color into the corners, so that there are no unfinished edges. Blot with a tissue paper.

  6. Touch up with some more color. For a more natural look for the daytime, blot again lightly with a tissue. But if you like the shimmer on your lips for the evening, do not blot after the final application.


You may also use the tip of your lipstick to outline your lips and then fill them. Remember not to use the tip to fill the lips.

Removing lipstick

Always use cold cream to remove lipsticks as this will help to soften and condition lips. After removing lipstick always dab on a bit of moisturizer.

For longer wear of lipstick

The lipstick tends to smudge and smear very easily because of the creamy consistency. To avoid this, apply a layer of foundation on the lips before applying lipstick.
Using a lip liner can also make the lipstick stay for long.

Care of lipsticks

Always keep your lipsticks and all make up pencils in the fridge, this prevents them from breaking. Matte lipsticks stay for a longer period of time as compared to gloss lipstick

For a trendy look of lipstick

Shining lip liner could be used for outlining the matte lips. This looks very trendy. Whenever applying lip liner always start from the centre and then move towards the corner

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